Who should I contact if I am having a problem?

Please let us know in the CoveritLive Chat and our moderator will send you a private message to help solve your problems. If needed, our moderator will give you a phone number to call to talk you through any issues.

Who can watch the event?

This event is open to anyone. The event will be archived and available online within a week.

Can I watch the live stream on my mobile device?

Yes. The stream is available on up-to-date iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Private Browsing must be turned off.

How can I turn off the sound when messages pop up?

On the CoveritLive window go under settings to the left. Check mute system sounds. You can click the speaker icon near the text box. A line will appear through the speaker indicating the mute.

My captions aren't working. What can I do?

First try switching browsers. We recommend using Firefox. Also try logging out or quitting the application and then reloading the page. Captioning often needs to be refreshed as the event begins. If this fails please alert the moderator of the CoveritLive Chat and someone will be in touch to help you.